Saturday, May 13, 2017

After The Snap: Chapter One

Peyton Miller

Chapter One

Seth Mercer scrubbed his hair with the thin white towel before wiping the cloth down his chest, letting it dangle from his hand as he leaned his forehead against the cool metal locker and sighed. Practice had been shit lately. Coach was riding him hard, pissing him off, and generally making him miserable. He’d tried everything, from keeping his mouth shut to working harder than everyone else. Tonight, like most other nights, he’d stayed late, lifting weights before hitting the treadmill for a run. He was stronger than ever, connecting on more passes, and playing better than anyone else in their division. Coach should be happy with the results Seth was delivering, but he wasn’t.

The other players had left hours ago, and the assistant coaches had filtered out one by one, leaving Seth alone. Silence stretched on. The only sound in the locker room was the ticking of the clock that hung over the coach’s door. Seth turned his head to stare at that door, wondering what the hell he could do to make Coach like him. It was hopeless.

He grunted as he tossed the towel on the bench and grabbed his phone, navigating to iTunes and pressing play. The sounds of Maroon 5 filled the quiet. The music oozed over him, and he began swaying his hips with the beat, rocking just enough to make him start thinking about how he never got any action off the field, and now Coach was threatening to end his action on the field.

He tossed his towel in the air and caught it, giving a little chuckle. In the last month, he’d grown a little too used to being here by himself. At first, the calm filled locker room, devoid of guys joking and talking had spooked him, but now it wasn’t so bad being here alone if he played music, though it did make him act like a fool at times.

The upbeat sounds of songs like Hands All Over coming from his phone lifted his spirits after his tough day on the field and in the gym. He swayed again to the beat, his hips popping and shoulders rocking as he checked his messages. In anger, he tossed his towel to the bench when he saw a stupid question about an assignment from David, a guy he’d had the unfortunate luck of being paired with for a project. That question had been followed up with another dumb question asked by Lia, the girl in their group. He rolled his eyes and shrugged, vowing to answer the questions later, once he was back in his dorm room. It freaked him out that he was the smart one in the group and he was the jock. Having to lead them like they were fresh out of high school though they were all in an advanced class wore on his nerves.

Seth shrugged off his agitation, set his phone down and picked up his towel to take it to the laundry bin. He strutted between the lockers, throwing his hands up in the air and wiggling his hips before flipping the towel over his shoulder as he spun. He rounded the corner at the end of the lockers and came to an abrupt stop, pressing up against a solid body. Arms went everywhere, hands on him were gone by the time he blinked and glanced up as he steadied himself. The angry scowl on Coach Harris’s face startled him. Eyelids narrowed, brows bunched, and lips turned down in a frown was all he could see. Once again Seth knew he’d fucked up royally. Coach hated him even more, if that was possible. He froze, his mouth dry, and all he could do was stand there, staring at Coach Harris like an idiot.

Coach’s frown grew more severe and his eyes narrowed even more.

“I-I didn’t…” Seth trailed off as the coach placed his hand on the center of Seth’s chest—his totally naked chest that was just above his naked abs, which were right above his absolutely naked cock.

Heat blasted through him as his uncovered dick started to fill out. Attraction zinged straight to his balls that were churning for release. The last strains of Hands All Over played in the background and he shivered because that was what he wanted—Coach’s hands all over him, touching, caressing, smoothing lower. Seth sucked in a breath, hoping against hope that his dick would deflate, but it didn’t.

He shoved the feelings and thoughts about Coach away, convincing himself he wasn’t getting hard because of this man, instead it had to be because he hadn’t touched or kissed or anything else with anyone in ages. It sure as hell wasn’t this freaking hot, sexy as hell man standing only inches from him, and that was the lie he would stick to. Even if someone tied him down and tortured him, he wouldn’t give up a whisper about how hard he had it for Coach, because admitting that he had the hots for Harris was scary as hell. What if the coach kicked him off the team?

It couldn’t be the coach, or his strong hands on Seth’s chest, his thin lips, or his simmering brown eyes. It had to be the lack of physical contact with another real live human that had Seth boning up. There was no attraction between him and Coach Harris. Only lust for something Seth hadn’t had in so long it was pathetic. Hell, he’d never gotten past second base with a guy, and he’d only been with two girls, and that had been so long ago he’d almost forgotten their names.

Seth shivered at the thought of Coach Harris touching his cock. Another wave of heat hit him and Coach Harris lifted his brows. The song had switched to a different love ballad and Seth bit his lower lip, wishing he’d turned off his music.

The pressure of Harris’s fingers increased, not much, but enough for Seth to notice. In less than a minute he wouldn’t be able to hide his erection behind the towel he’d ripped from his shoulder to cover his junk. He tried to keep the lie in his head, telling himself he wasn’t attracted to the intense coach whose lips would look good around his cock, but when Harris placed his other hand on Seth’s hip, his fingers skimming over Seth’s totally bare skin, he started to lose it.

The shudder that rocked him was more like a tremor instead of a little shake. Coach’s lips turned up a little before the man stepped even closer, their bodies brushing against each other, breaths mingling, and all Seth could do was stay rooted in place, wishing they were even closer as he stared into Coach Harris’s beautiful brown eyes. The song on his phone changed to I Can’t Lie and he couldn’t—not with the coach holding him like this. Heck, the song was saying it all, telling Coach how he felt, and he couldn’t break away even though he knew it would be best.

“Oh fuck,” Seth whispered as Coach Harris leaned in, his lips hovering only millimeters away from Seth’s. It was torture being so close to another man, a very sexy man that kept his body in shape even though he was past forty. Harris took the towel from Seth’s hand and there wasn’t any hiding his desire. Coach shifted closer, not much, but just enough for the length in his pants to come in contact with Seth’s dick. The shock of the touch against his cock burst through Seth and his knees grew weak, almost dropping him to the ground. He groaned and closed the distance between them, his mouth against Coach Harris’s in a hard press as he prayed the Coach didn’t haul off and punch him. Then Harris slid his tongue over Seth’s lips and he tilted his head back, opening, allowing Harris to do what he wished.

At first it was just lips and tongues swirling together, no different than when he was with a girl, but in a way it was so much more intense. Then Coach twisted his fingers in Seth’s curls and tugged, pulling Seth’s head back as Harris shoved his tongue in, filling all of Seth’s mouth, stroking his desire higher. Seth’s body vibrated with need, and heat, and passion so pure he wasn’t certain he was still standing.

Blood rushed through his ears and he had no idea how long they stayed like that, but another song was on, this one thumping hard just like his heart. Then Harris ripped his mouth away, his brown eyes probing Seth’s. The world seemed to stop but the songs played on. Maybe he would recover in time, but there wasn’t any way he would ever forget that kiss. Harris growled and rocked his hips against Seth’s, sending desire shooting straight through him and he wondered if he would come right then, against Coach Harris’s slacks.

“Do you know how fucking hard it has been not to do that?” Harris growled. “Every fucking day since you came here I’ve wanted to touch you, to kiss you, to run my fingers through your impossibly dark curls, and taste your fucking sexy red lips. God, you’re beautiful, strutting around without any clothes on like you own the place. Fuck, Seth, you’re like a God, you should be sung about around campfires. Legends should be made up about you.”

Seth gulped in a breath just before Harris kissed him again. Harris’s hands moved to Seth’s butt cheeks, gripping them tight and pulling him closer. Seth went along with whatever Harris wanted. He would do anything for this man. The attention was amazing, his touches out of this world. Seth wanted more but he wasn’t sure he could voice his desires or that he even knew what they were since he’d never once been with a guy. He’d craved the touch of a man since he’d known what desire really was, but football, his scholarship, and the promise of the NFL kept him in the closet with the door firmly closed. He wouldn’t come out, not before the NFL, that was for sure.

Seth was drifting on a cloud of lust when Harris pushed him between the rows of lockers so they were hidden from view of anyone who stepped into the building. Seth grew braver and ran his fingers over the coach’s sides—His coach! Oh fuck, surely he’d gone insane. His hands shook as he skimmed over the cloth of Harris’s shirt and down to the waistband of his coach’s pants. Touching Harris was something he’d never really believed would happen, but now the man was in his space, making him so hard he needed relief.

Harris pulled out of the kiss, his lips red and swollen. He stepped away and Seth complained. Coach grabbed Seth’s phone, shutting off Adam Levine and Hillary Scott crooning Out of Goodbyes. The song just didn’t fit the mood and Seth would do almost anything to keep Coach in the mood.

The lust shining in Harris’s eyes had grown darker, harder, almost cruel. Seth drew back, and his heart rate increased. The quiet following the music was haunting. The tick-tick of the clock was once again loud in the space, like it watched everything he and Coach Harris were doing. Should he stop this madness? There was a line they were crossing, rules being broken. He was stomping on conventions like they meant nothing. Once he did this, there wasn’t any going back. Fucking his coach was all kinds of bad, but he had never seen anything so sexy in his life as Coach Harris at that moment.

Seth wanted more kisses, more touches, but when Harris spun him around, pressing his chest against the cool metal, Seth yelped. He gasped as his face was smashed against the locker, his body held in place as the cool metal seeped into his skin.

Seth scrambled to gain some leverage, but Harris was leaning in hard, his lips toying with Seth’s earlobe, fingers sliding along Seth’s crack, over his hips, finally to his dick. Desire pulsed harder, deeper, and it was too much to resist. Gasping for breath, Seth tried to move so he wasn’t being squished against the cold, hard metal, but Harris had him pinned.

Then Harris bucked hard against him and Seth’s dick ran into the locker, sending pain sliding through him. He cried out and pressed back, fighting the hold Harris had on him.

Harris let up and chuckled, his hands on Seth’s hips, allowing him to move away from the metal but still holding him in place. “Fuck, boy, I’ve wanted this pristine white ass for so long.” Harris smoothed his hands over Seth’s torso and back, then around to his dick. Harris nibbled his earlobe and neck, his touches turning gentle the longer they were together.

Coach started stroking Seth’s cock. The touch felt amazing, better than his own hand ever felt. He let his head drop back, resting on Harris’s shoulder. Trusting Harris wouldn’t hurt him, the man had stayed away, kept his distance, not done anything until now, just weeks before his last season ended and months before graduation. Seth relaxed, going with this crazy flow instead of listening to sanity.

This was his coach, not some stranger he’d hooked up with. Seth knew from watching porn that some guys liked to play rough when they fucked. He groaned thinking of the way the guys dominated when they were on screen. It was so freaking sexy seeing a man held down and speared on a thick cock. Right now, wrapped in Harris’s arms, he wanted that. Wanted to be touched, and maybe rough was how he wanted it too. He would spread his legs, and allow Harris to spear him.

“Babe, you’re so fucking sexy,” Harris whispered before sliding his finger between Seth’s butt cheeks to his pucker, pressing in hard.

Seth gasped and slapped his hands against the locker, holding himself away from the cold surface. He didn’t want to be pressed in and held against the cold metal like before. Harris’s body wasn’t as insistent at pushing him forward, but his finger was. Rough was painful, but he wasn’t going to tell Harris to stop. Coach pressed in harder and Seth clenched down on the invading finger, wondering if he was being too sensitive.

Embarrassment filled him because he wasn’t ready to do this. Should he tell coach, or maybe just keep quiet? He warred with himself, unsure what he should do. If he told Coach the truth, then the man might stop. He would think Seth was a baby and that might get him benched. Getting benched was the last thing he could afford. He went along with Coach because though he was a baby where sex was concerned, he was tough and could handle this.

Harris pressed harder and his finger popped in. Seth couldn’t stifle the cry of pain as his whole body bucked against the invasion. Harris paused and Seth looked over his shoulder, embarrassment flaming through him. Coach’s eyes were dark with lust, his cheeks pink with desire, and Seth couldn’t disappoint this man. He’d spent the last four years going above and beyond anything asked so he didn’t disappoint his coach, and he wouldn’t start disappointing the man now. Harris wanted him, and he wouldn’t let his coach down.

Seth knew this was part of liking guys. If he wanted to go down this path and admit he really was gay, that it wasn’t just a phase or something he could grow out of, he needed to be prepared to have anal sex, and who better to show him than Harris?

Harris’s expression changed, the skin around his eyes softened, the fine lines smoothed out. The pressure in Seth’s ass eased and he relaxed a little. Harris kissed his shoulder, then his neck. Seth was unprepared for the intense pain and the deep emotions. How could he deal with the physical invasion and with his feelings for Harris, his coach?

He opened his mouth to speak but the words wouldn’t come because Harris used that moment to press his finger in deeper. Pain the size of Florida blazed through him, just as hot and stomach churning as two-a-day practices in the middle of summer. Seth screamed like a little girl. Harris stilled, confusion swimming in his eyes before he pulled away. Heat swamped Seth and he knew he needed to say something, even if this ended their little tryst.

He glanced over his shoulder, his throat thick with emotions. “I-I’ve never…,” he panted out when he could find his voice.

Harris’s eyebrows shot up and his lips thinned. “Never?”

Seth’s face flamed hot, and his dick deflated. Shame washed over him. Harris would probably think he was too inexperienced. He shook his head, wishing that he’d found a guy before this, someone to really mess around with so he didn’t look like a fool in front of a man he cared about. “No, I’ve just been with a girl, that’s all.”

Harris removed his finger and turned Seth, cupping his cheeks, and kissing his lips gently. When the kiss ended, Coach rested his forehead against Seth’s and breathed in deeply.

“I can’t believe it. You’re a virgin. Oh fuck,” Harris moaned, “I’m going to enjoy introducing you to the world of anal sex. Relax and let me get you there.”

Coach spun him around and the pressure was back. Part of him wanted to tell Coach to stop, but he wasn’t sure he wanted this over. If he said no, he had no doubt that Harris would never touch him again, and he might kick him off the team, too. The finger was back, the pressure more. Then Harris’s finger popped in and Seth gasped, crying out as he clenched down hard. He was panting, his ears buzzing. Harris kissed his shoulder and said the sweetest things, leaving Seth unwilling to end whatever was going on. Coach removed his finger before he moved to massaging Seth’s ass, then his lower back.

“Babe, I’ll be gentle, but you’re super tight. It’s going to hurt. I guess we could stop if you—you know, needed to.” Harris said the last words with disdain, showing the shame he would feel toward Seth if he walked away.

Seth gulped in air and tried to catch his breath. He shook his head. No freaking way would he say no to Coach, not right now. He wanted this, wanted the connection with this man who had ruled so much of his life for the last four years. It was crazy but he needed this bond. It all made sense now. Harris had acted like he hated him, but really his coach had wanted him.

The pain from Harris’s fingers in his ass flared again. Then Seth saw a foil package fall to the ground beside his feet. This was happening. Fear and worry twisted through him. He wasn’t ready, but Harris was. The pain left him when Harris removed his finger. His ass throbbed and he didn’t know if he could take a cock. The word No almost fell from his lips, then he felt Harris’s finger again, only this time it slid in easily. The pain was there, but it was manageable. The sting lessened even more and the pain notched down again. He could breathe, and there wasn’t any doubt that he wanted this…at least he thought he did. Was he really ready to have a cock in his ass? Seth glanced over his shoulder, catching Harris’s gaze. They stared at each other for a long moment before Harris shot him a crooked smile that melted Seth’s heart. Warmth bubbled up inside of him and he couldn’t say no, not to this man, not to his coach of the last four years.

The sound of Harris’s zipper being lowered made him flinch. He knew what was coming, and he wasn’t ready. Then Harris pulled him close, pressing his chest to Seth’s back. He turned Seth’s head just enough so they could kiss. It was magical, heart stopping, amazing. All of the gushy, chick flick, overly dramatic kisses in movies couldn’t match the feeling he had while wrapped in Harris’s arms, their bodies pressed together as Harris prepared to possess him. Any hesitation he had earlier fled when the kiss ended and Harris cupped his cheek.

“It’s always been you I’ve wanted. God, Seth, you’re perfect for me,” Harris whispered as his eyes searched Seth’s. The seconds ticked by as they stared at each other. Maybe he was crazy, but Seth knew this wasn’t just fucking as Harris’s hands slid down his body, over his chest to his ass, and finally around to his dick and balls.

Then Harris moved and lined up his cock, pressing against Seth’s opening, pushing him against the cold lockers. Heat warred with cold and he tried to breathe evenly but the anticipation was playing havoc with him. The cold was about to win when Harris pushed harder and popped in. Heat flashed through him, stealing his breath, his voice, his thoughts. When he could draw in enough air to keep himself standing, Seth groaned. It felt like the world had tilted on its axis as Harris slid in deeper. The fullness had Seth gasping and he pressed his nails against the metal, wondering if he would leave scratches in the lockers.

Then something happened and it was as if the rest of the world disappeared and only the two of them were left on the planet. Deep inside his body a vibration, or maybe it was just an explosion of excitement rocked through him. Nothing had ever felt this good.

Harris’s dick brushed against the spot again and Seth admitted to himself that Harris owned him, ruled him, directed him, made him feel things he’d never dreamt possible. Hands smoothed down his chest to his cock, stroking him with expertise as he pressed his palms against the lockers, trying like crazy not to fall down as Harris rode his ass.

Heavy breathing filled the space and the sound of two bodies slapping together echoed off the hard surfaces. Then Harris was grunting, his thrusts harder, his breathing jagged. Seth gulped in air as Harris tugged on his curls, pulling his head back. The position was uncomfortable, pain shooting down his legs. Doubt filled Seth, uncertainty twisting through him. Was he really ready for this? It was Coach Harris and they were deep in the middle of sex. There was no going back—not now.

Seth’s first time with a girl had been in the back of his car, it had been quick and messy and clumsy. He’d not known what he was doing and it had been evident to them both. He wondered if that girl had felt like he did now? Getting fucked by Harris was okay, but he wanted something more. Maybe he was being too emotional, but having Harris behind him with his upper body pressed against a locker, pain filling him, had opened a little hollow pit in his heart. He wanted some romance, but thoughts of the porn he’d watched reminded him that guys liked it rough. He pushed aside his doubts and concentrated on fucking his coach.

Then Harris was kissing his shoulder and his neck, his lips tugging on Seth’s earlobe, making him feel things he didn’t know if he should be feeling. The pit started to close as Harris touched and tweaked his flesh, pinching his nipples and licking his shoulder. Having Harris fuck him was like a roller coaster, he just wondered if this would lead to him falling off the rails.

Harris had his dick shoved up far inside Seth with his chest plastered against Seth’s back, and his lips on Seth’s neck as he tugged on his hair and pressed him harder against the lockers. They rocked together for a moment, then Seth cried out when Harris shoved in deeper and twisted his hair tighter. Harris’s hips stayed plastered against Seth’s ass, no longer rocking. After a short moment, Harris growled and let go of Seth’s hair. He rested his head against the lockers, taking solace from the cool metal.

“Mmm, so good,” Harris groaned.

Seth gasped, trying to speak but failing. His dick was rock hard and he wanted to come, but he couldn’t touch himself since Harris was riding him so rough and he didn’t want all of his body to be forced into the lockers.

“Fuck!” Harris screamed as he dug his fingers into Seth’s hips and Seth knew the press of Harris’s fingertips would leave a mark.

The hard pounding had stopped, the area was quiet, no more skin slapping, no more grunts from Harris, only the clock that had watched them fuck hanging over Coach’s office door. Harris was jerking against him, his clawing hold preventing Seth from moving. Then Harris blew out a loud breath, the sound explosive, as he slumped against Seth’s back. Seth looked down and realized he still hadn’t come. A bit of desperation filled him just before Harris reached around and touched his cock, his fingers lightly stroking Seth’s dick, bringing with his touch a sensation that threatened to overwhelm Seth.

Harris leaned in close, his lips at Seth’s ear. “Fuck, boy, you are so sexy. God, being inside of you was heaven. Do you even have a clue how good you are—how good you feel?”

The words and the touch twisted his insides, bringing a flutter of excitement that went straight to his balls. Seth’s orgasm was near, then Harris spoke again and Seth knew he was going to lose it.

“Next time, I’ll get us a room at a hotel.”

There would be a next time. Harris didn’t hate him. Fuck, just the thought of his coach, the powerful and mighty Coach Channing Harris, in bed with him set Seth off. Hot jets of cum shot out of his dick, splatting against the lockers. When he could open his eyes, he watched his white cum leak down the cold gray metal. He smiled, aware that no one would know what had happened, but he would never forget it. Every time he stepped into this row, he would remember Coach Harris pressing into him, his body responding, and his heart swelling with more than just lust.

Harris pulled out, the sting taking Seth’s breath away. He gulped air as Harris cupped his ass cheek and squeezed.

“Let me take care of this condom. Don’t go anywhere.”

The mention of a condom made him freeze. Fuck, he hadn’t even cared if Harris had worn one. The man could have been fucking him bare and he wouldn’t have cared. He’d seen the foil on the ground, but he hadn’t checked if Harris had rolled one on before he’d shoved in. And fuck, there were so many stories out there about disease. So much could have gone wrong.

He stared at the wrapper on the floor beside his foot and noticed that it was lube, not a condom. Heat flashed through Seth as he realized how stupid he’d been. He’d trusted Harris, but a condom was non-negotiable, and he should have checked to make sure it was put on correctly. He knew better, but he hadn’t been able to think when Harris had come at him. He glanced over his other shoulder and saw another foil wrapper on the floor and breathed out a sigh of relief. It was a condom package.

Seth pushed away from the locker, balancing on shaky legs, wondering if that had really happened. Had he really just had sex in the locker room with Coach Harris—the man who wouldn’t give him a break, the man who screamed at him during practice, and hardly had anything nice to say even when Seth won the game? The sound of the toilet flushing filled the locker room, then Coach Harris was back, a smile on his face. He wrapped his arms around Seth, hugging him close as he pressed his lips to Seth’s. The kiss was slow but intense, going from soft brushes to full-on tongue action in a lazy path that made him dizzy. Then Coach pulled away, his gaze searching Seth’s.

“I can’t believe you let me do that. I swear, you are way too special for me. God, Seth, I’ve wanted you forever.” The last of his words were said on a whisper, reverence in each syllable, eyes full of something deep, something amazing, and Seth’s heart stalled then jumped.

He lifted his hand, cupping Harris’s cheek. “I thought you hated me.”

“No, God no,” Harris swore. “I can’t get you out of my mind. You’re too beautiful with your curly, dark hair and red lips. You’re like a Greek God here on Earth. I’ve wanted you all this time. You’re it for me.”

Seth stepped away from Harris, the words twisting through him, leaving him feeling a little odd. It was too much to believe, but he wanted them, wanted the praise—the closeness—the love. “What do you mean by that?”

“I want more than just this one time.” Harris kissed him again, his mouth brushing gently, his lips parting softly, and his tongue pressing in slowly.

Romanced and loved was how Seth felt. The earlier hesitation was gone. He’d been stupid for thinking anything but good about Harris. The first time was going to be awkward no matter who it was with. Hell, the first time he’d been with a girl had been bad, and probably really shitty for her, but that didn’t mean he should never have sex again. Their kiss ended and Seth straightened, reason coming back to him, filling his brain with questions and hesitation.

Something tickled the back of his mind and it didn’t fit with what had happened between him and Channing. A sense of dread filled him as a distant memory surfaced. Channing had showed up at the end of the season party his freshman year with a woman—his wife.

“Wait, aren’t you married?” Seth asked.

“She’s gone. I-I don’t want to talk about her. She’s not wanted me for years, and I’ve not wanted her either. There’s been someone else I’ve wanted.” Harris hit him with a pointed stare, then shrugged and handed Seth his towel.


Harris held up his hand and gave his head a short shake, indicating that the subject should be dropped. “Listen, I know we have to keep this quiet for now, but I can’t lose you. It won’t take long for everything to work out, just give us some time. I was going to wait until after the season to approach you, but I wasn’t expecting to run into you tonight.” Harris toyed with Seth’s hair, stepping closer and he dipped his head, running his nose over Seth’s neck.

Emotions and need filled Seth. He bit his lower lip, wondering if he was making a bad decision. “Channing, I—God, that’s the first time I’ve ever said your first name out loud.”

“It sounds good on your lips.” Harris kissed him again, his hands smoothing over Seth’s still naked body. Coach had pulled up his pants and zipped them at some point, and he hadn’t removed his shirt, so he was fully dressed and Seth was still naked. He felt a little odd being undressed with Harris fully clothed, almost like Coach had even more control over him than usual. A shiver snaked through him as he looked between their bodies. He needed contact, now.

Seth tugged up Channing’s shirt, touching soft fuzz that covered his torso. He groaned as his fingers glided over the strong muscles of Coach’s pectorals. “Channing,” Seth said again, this time with more confidence.

“Only when we’re together like this, though. We need to keep the others from finding out. They can’t know.”

Seth nodded, understanding the need to keep it secret. “Yeah, I agree.”

“Get dressed and then I want to talk to you about us.”

Seth leaned back, their gazes connecting. “Us, I like the sound of that.”

Channing pulled him into a deep kiss, making him forget his senses. All that mattered was the hard body pressed against him. Then Channing ended the kiss and swiped his thumb over Seth’s lips.

“More kisses after you’re dressed,” Channing said.

Seth nodded and stepped away from his coach, his thoughts twisting from amazement to fear. What if someone found out? Could Coach be fired? What would happen to him? He was set to be drafted this spring and he was fucking his coach—his male coach. A sick feeling filled him and he turned to stare at Harris as he pulled on his underwear. He lifted his leg, pain reminding him of exactly what he’d just done. He smiled at the memory of them together. Channing returned the smile and Seth’s heart melted.

He straightened and caught a flash of Channing’s office window and couldn’t help but wonder how many times Coach Harris had watched from his office as he pulled on his clothes after practice. His locker was right here and Coach’s office was right there. He pushed away the unsettling thoughts and turned to his locker, grabbing his shirt. Harris wasn’t like that; he was a good man. He could have had Seth four years ago, but Coach had waited until Seth was over twenty-one and near graduation.

He had a good chance of actually making it on an NFL team with a good position in their lineup, but what would they do if they found out he was having sex with his coach? Seth shivered as fear flowed. He felt sick inside. Doing this with Harris was wrong. Add to it the fact that he was gay and he was in a losing position. Sure, there were some gay guys who’d tried the NFL or NBA, but it was hard on them.

With a shaky hand, he pulled on his shirt, then grabbed his socks. He caught Channing watching him, his gaze hot with lust. Heat washed over Seth and his heart squeezed. Would it be worth it to chance being with Channing? The man was hot as hell and everything felt so dang good when they touched, but wouldn’t it be wrong?

Seth turned to face Channing, questions swirling through his mind. “What would happen if anyone found out I was sleeping with you? You know, like in terms of the draft and such?”

Channing shook his head and wiped his hand over his face. “I won’t lie. It wouldn’t be good. No one would touch you.”

Seth flinched, his muscles squeezing and his head pounding. “Fuck.” He sat down on the bench and put his head in his hands. The situation was impossible. Before, he’d kept his sexuality hidden because he didn’t have anyone special, now he had someone and it was more dangerous than ever. He was fucking his coach, his very male coach. Nothing about what he was doing looked good. People would be angry, or worse, they would hate him.

“Seth, look at me,” Channing commanded.

He glanced up, worry filling him. “We can’t do this. I can’t do this.”

Channing sat down next to him and wrapped one arm over his shoulder. “Babe, it will be okay.”

Seth shook his head, desperation welling inside. “I can’t. I just…you got divorced, when?”

“When doesn’t matter.” Channing looked so depressed.

“I could never cheat.” He racked his brain, trying to remember if he’d heard anything about coach and his wife splitting. Surely he would have heard something, but maybe not. Maybe they’d been quiet about it.

Channing turned his head, forcing Seth to look at him. Coach smiled and nodded. “Lover, I’m free to date. Trust me, I would never lie about that. We only have two more regular season games, then the bowls. We’ll be fine. Once football season is over, it will be easier. How many classes are you taking next semester?”

Seth swallowed, trying to digest the words Channing had spoken. “Only three. They’re easy, and I won’t have to study too much.”

“Okay, we’ll come up with a plan. Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out.” Channing released his hold on Seth then stood.

Seth rose from the bench, his ass twinging with pain. He put his hand on Channing’s shoulder squeezing as he wondered how it would all work out. “I trust you…I just have to have a spot on a team. I need the….”

Channing cupped his face, smoothing his thumbs over Seth’s cheeks. “Babe, I swear it will all work out.”

Seth nodded, but this still felt wrong. He sighed as confusion wound through him. He swore Coach was still married, but he’d not really paid attention. How would he know? Coach Harris would know better than he because he was the one who’d gone through the divorce.

“I just want—never mind.”

“No, tell me,” Channing whispered.

“I just can’t cheat. It’s wrong. I thought you were married at the beginning of the year.”

Channing tilted up Seth’s chin, forcing him to meet his gaze. “Seth, honey, babe, I swear we aren’t cheating on anyone. We just need to keep this between us because other people wouldn’t understand. Okay?”

He stared into Channing’s eyes, searching for deception and not finding any. “I-I guess—”

“Love, really, it’s okay. Honestly, my marriage is over.” Channing smiled and lifted his brows, looking so cute that Seth’s heart squeezed.

The hesitation he felt started to melt. If Channing said his marriage was over, then it wasn’t cheating. They weren’t together, and Channing was free to date. Come to think of it, Channing’s wife hadn’t shown up to any games this season. He guessed he’d been so busy he hadn’t even realized his coach had gotten a divorce. Now he felt bad. He should pay more attention to the people around him. He wondered how long Channing had been lonely and the guys on the team hadn’t even tried to help.

Seth nodded slowly, the arguments fading the more he thought about it. “Okay, I guess we can do this. We just have to stay quiet until the season is over.”

“And until the draft,” Channing added.

“Yeah, the draft.” Worry filled him. What if he didn’t make it on a team? He’d worked hard on his degree, not slacking off like some of the guys who were convinced they’d make the pros. He didn’t have that luxury, he had to work hard at school as well as in football.

“We can’t leave together. I’ll go after you. Sleep well, practice is going to be tough for you tomorrow,” Channing said.

“Fuck. Why?” Seth asked.

“If I go easy on you, people will talk. We only have a few more weeks, then it will be easier. Think long term.”

Seth tugged on his jeans, then grabbed his jacket out of the locker. He paused before shutting the metal door. “What if I get on a team that’s far from here?”

Channing gave him a quick kiss, his hands skimming over Seth’s body. “We’ll fly to see each other.”

Seth shook his head, confusion filling him. “Why? Why me?”

Channing smiled and cupped Seth’s neck, squeezing. “You’re worth it, Seth. I’ve been watching you from the beginning. You’re special. You’ll see, we’ll be good together and we can do this.”

He nodded and tugged on his jacket. Maybe Channing was right, it would be worth it. He couldn’t imagine anything better than what he’d done with Channing just now. Being with girls had never been like that. He hated that the coach had gotten divorced, but from what Channing had said, it seemed like they hadn’t really loved each other anyway.

Seth gathered his things and left the locker room, wishing that he and Channing could really be together. He wanted hugs and comfort after having sex like that for the first time, but reality had settled in and left him walking to his car alone. It probably was against university rules for them to date. But as sure as he breathed air, he really wanted Channing. Reality and the rules sucked.

That he and Channing wanted each other should be enough, but wanting and having were two very different things. Most people wouldn’t understand his desires because he was gay. Then there was the age thing. People would look at the difference and say junk about them, accusing Channing of manipulating him, or worse, saying that Seth had stolen Channing from his wife, which wasn’t true at all, but people talked.

Alone at his apartment, Seth stripped off his clothes, then ran his hands over his body the way Channing had. They’d really had sex and it had been good, not great, but good—at least he’d come…eventually. He wished his first time with a man would have been in a bed, but they hadn’t planned it. God, what would have happened if anyone else had walked in and found them? Seth shivered as fear wound through him. He was playing with fire and maybe he should step away, but he wanted Channing too much to turn his back on what could be.

Seth tweaked his nipples then ran his hand to his cock and over his hip to his ass. When he touched his butt, he flinched. He was sore from being fucked. They’d really done it—his first time. Sure, he’d jerked off with another guy…once, and he’d kissed a few guys at parties when they were alone, hidden from everyone else and could laugh it off before going to find a girl to kiss, but he’d never experienced anything like what had just happened. Maybe being with Channing was totally wrong, but he shoved his misgivings away and thought about how good it had been. Perhaps he was being too critical. What they had done had been amazing. He wanted more, and next time he’d get it. Channing had implied that the next time would be in a hotel. That would be awesome.

After scarfing down a sandwich, Seth fell into bed and pulled the covers up high as thoughts of Channing filtered through his mind. He wanted more from the man, but he would accept what he could get. It might take a while for life to even out, but he had time. Soon he would be in the NFL and Channing wouldn’t be his coach. Times were changing and maybe the other players would actually accept a gay player this time. He was young and Channing was worth waiting for. Seth curled to his side and snuggled against his pillow, pretending that Channing was holding him. He drifted off to sleep, thinking about how good his future would be with Channing at his side. They could build something special and wonderful. Any obstacles could be overcome. They would make it. He just knew it.

Copyright Peyton Miller 2016

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